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Utah Outback

Utah Outback is a high quality production, not a "hey, watch this (dumb stunt)" video. Neither is it a video on "extreme flying." Rather, it is a tool to provide pilots with valuable insights to prevent their own backcountry flying explorations from becoming "extreme." While not an instructional video, it clearly demonstrates Todd Peterson's level-headed decision making process in visiting these remarkable places.

This was my first chance to see what Peterson's Katmai could do. I've been a C-182 fan for nearly 30 years. I love the 182's ability to carry a lot of gear, long distances, fairly quickly. But the standard 182 has a couple of negatives. It doesn't have a lot of prop clearance and STOL performance is OK but not great. My ideal backcountry airplane would be a cross between a C-182 and a big-tired Super Cub. Peterson's Katmai just may be that airplane - big tires, STOL performance, and extra power. Power in an airplane is like money - few people ever complain about having too much.

I thoroughly enjoyed Utah Outback and feel it would be a valuable asset in everyone's "bag of tools" for flying the backcountry.

- Galen L. Hanselman


Utah Outback provides an enticing introduction to the Utah backcountry airstrips with expert advice from Todd Peterson, President of Peterson's Performance Plus, Inc., flying the new King Katmai. Peterson makes this fantastic performing STOL conversion of the Cessna 182 in El Dorado, Kansas. The Katmai takes it's name from Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, home to many giant brown bears.Todd, besides being an airplane mechanic, is a fantastic pilot. By the way, Utah has more backcountry airstrips than Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming combined.

You will note at the beginning of this video the usual disclaimer that "This is not an instructional video." This is a legal disclosure required to protect everyone associated with the production. I agree that many operations should not be attempted without the assistance and supervision of a qualified flight instructor, but you will learn from this video; although it is presented without warranty as to its suitability for any particular purpose.

Join Peterson as he gives you a bird's-eye view of operations to the relatively mild mannered and "easy" Mineral Canyon airstrip.  He moves on to the more and more challenging strips of Angel Point, Fry Canyon, Nokai Dome, Happy Canyon, Hidden Splendor, Dirty Devil, Wee-Hope Mine and Mexican Mountain. Galen Hanselman's new book, Fly Utah!, is the basis of this story that unfolds through the windshield of the Katmai, presenting a small portion of the beauty and challenge of southern Utah. See for yourself the techniques to check out the airstrips and then fly the approaches while receiving Peterson's expert advice as each segment of the operations unfolds.

As a backcountry pilot or a wanna-be backcountry pilot, you can't help but enjoy this video. Even if you like it only half as much as I do, you will learn something of value, in addition to being inspired and entertained.

- Sparky Imeson


Bill Roberts is an instrument-rated private pilot and videographer. His popular
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